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Important Update

CampBX is Winding Down

CampBX team is actively working to winddown all registered users in orderly batches, and to return BTC and USD balances in full. Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions regarding your account.
Please note that rest of this FAQ is no longer maintained actively. We recommend reaching out to our helpdesk with all questions.



What is CampBX?

CampBX is a platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoins in real-time from other CampBX users. Your buy or sell orders are matched against a parameterized database of other orders. If a perfect match is found, a Bitcoin-to-USD trade is executed instantly. If there are no matching orders at the price you specified, then your order can remain open for up to 31 days. To maintain fairness in trading, we have taken a purely-platform approach and CampBX is never a counter-party to any trade.

Our platform was designed with stability and security as top priorities, and we became the first Bitcoin website to obtain Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification and the McAfee Secure seal of confidence on June 28th, 2011.

When you open an account on CampBX, all of the following features are available to you to ensure that you have a productive experience on our platform: ­

  • Daily security scans and certification by McAfee Secure
  • Quick Buy/Sell and Spend-X trades available for new traders
  • Advanced trading options with AON/FOK/Incremental Fills
  • Market Price and Limit Price Orders
  • STOPLOSS and Short-Selling available soon
  • Stoploss / Custom Order Expiry Date/Time
  • Trading API available
  • Wallet API available
  • CBX Instant Bitcoin Transfers Feature
  • SMS (Text Message) Notifications
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Professional third-party security audits
  • Frequent & encrypted back-ups
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan

There are no fees required to open a CampBX account and all of the above features are included as standard. We encourage you to sign-up now and try us out!

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are digital tokens that represent solutions to a mathematical problem known as "Hashing". Discovering one of these tokens is a difficult computing process, and can take up to three years on a standard laptop. Due to this rarity and predictable supply, Bitcoins are widely used as bartering tokens on the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network, or for day-trading against other Bitcoin users.

People who are new to Bitcoin often prefer to simply purchase them from others who may have extra Bitcoins. This is where CampBX comes in: we provide a powerful yet friendly platform to buy and sell Bitcoins. We also have an API available for algorithmic or high-frequency trading.

The software to validate, store, and transfer Bitcoins is open-source and freely available for all Operating Systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

You can obtain a copy of Bitcoin source code here.

To learn more about Bitcoins please visit and check out their excellent video introduction to Bitcoin network.

Hours of Operation
All hours are for our Alpharetta, GA office in Eastern timezone (UTC - 5 hours).
  • Trading: 24 hours / 7 days, except for maintenance
  • Helpdesk: Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday 12 AM - 2 AM, Tuesday 12 AM - 2 AM

  • Dwolla Deposits: Monday to Friday 9 AM - 9 PM, Weekends 10 AM - 4 PM
  • Dwolla Withdrawals: Monday to Friday 9 AM - 9 PM, Weekends 10 AM - 4 PM
  • ACH/Wire Withdrawals: Processed Monday to Friday at 2 PM
  • Paper Deposits: Credited on weekdays at 6 PM
  • Paper Withdrawals: Mailed out every Tuesday and Friday at 2 PM

Testnet Trading

What is Testnet?

Testnet is nickname for a parallel Bitcoin network intended for testing all Bitcoin-related applications and websites. Testnet works exactly like Bitcoin, except that the testnet-Bitcoins are freely available and really easy to create. You can read more about Testnet here on Bitcoin Wiki.

CampBX's own Testnet version provides you a learning tool to try out the world of Bitcoin, and practice your trading strategies with monopoly money instead of risking real money. We highly recommend getting a feel for Bitcoin trading on testnet before diving in to the livenet version.

How does Testnet Trading Work?

It works exactly the same way as real CampBX, except you get $10,000 monopoly money and 0.1 Testnet coins to start with. This should be enough to make at least 10 practice trades. If 0.1 testnet coins are not enough for you, you can get some free coins at TP Testnet faucet and practice with bigger amounts. If you have extra testnet coins, please donate them to our testnet address at:


You can use these funds to buy / sell with other CampBX Testnet users. CampBX Testnet also boasts a full-functionality API for training your bots and HFT engines. Please note that CampBX Testnet is our development team's sandbox to test new features. If you see something amazing or mysterious, just ignore it!
Try CampBX TestNet


Security and Compliance

Servers and Data Center

We do not use shared servers or virtual servers, as they carry a higher probability of security breach or downtime due to multiple clients residing on the same server. Instead, we have invested in dedicated servers housed in an on-shore, large-scale datacenter in Arizona. This data center has:

  • Triple telecom backbone connectivity for redundancy
  • Caterpillar diesel generators in case of power brown-out / black-out
  • Restricted physical access to servers
  • 24/7 monitoring
Information Security

CampBX was designed from the ground up with stability and security as top priorities, and we became the first Bitcoin website to obtain Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification and the McAfee Secure seal of confidence on June 28th, 2011.

Our platform is audited and recertified daily by an independent third-party security auditor McAfee according to U.S. Government requirements for remote vulnerability testing as set forth by the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) for compliance. We are certified compliant with following seven security standards:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards
  • Visa USA's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP)
  • Visa International's Account Information Security (AIS) program
  • MasterCard International's Site Data Protection (SDP) program
  • American Express' CID security program
  • Discover Card Information Security and Compliance (DISC) program

CampBX platform is certified clean from following top-10 vulnerabilities identified by the OWASP project (Open Web Application Security Project):

  • A1: Injection
  • A2: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • A3: Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • A4: Insecure Direct Object References
  • A5: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • A6: Security Misconfiguration
  • A7: Insecure Cryptographic Storage
  • A8: Failure to Restrict URL Access
  • A9: Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  • A10: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

Our security auditor is McAfee Secure (formerly McAfee Hacker-Safe), who are #1 in threat detection in the industry with 99.9% coverage of potential security vulnerabilities. Companies such as Costco and Petco have also chosen the same security provider. This daily scanning procedure allows us to catch and fix potential vulrenabilities as soon as they emerge, and we have set an internal 72-hour SLA to resolve these vulnerabilities.

Is my money safe?

We have taken every precaution to ensure that your money stays safe!

We are incorporated in State of Georgia and are subject to the local jurisdiction. We maintain 100% of funds (no fractional reserve) received in on-shore FDIC-insured bank accounts, and have an active compliance program to adhere to legal requirements set forth by State of Georgia - Department of Banking and Finance.

Bulbul Investments LLC (CampBX) has no institutional debt or unfunded liabilities, which further reduces your risk.

Our servers go through a daily comprehensive security audit by McAfee Secure, which allows us to catch and fix potential vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge.

However, please keep in mind that we are not a bank, we are a business. There is also certain amount of risk involved in trading. Never trade with more funds than you can afford to lose. Keep only the funds you intend to use for trading in near term, and follow good security practices to protect your computer and your trading account password from being compromised.

2-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

2-factor authentication greatly increases your account security by requiring two distinct challenges for login and Bitcoin transfer attempts: your password and a temporary code generated every 30-seconds on your smartphone.

If your account credentials are compromised due to a malware or a hacker attack, your account is still protected as long as you have your smartphone.

How does it work? After you activate this feature for your account, every attempt to login or transfer Bitcoins will require a 6-digit code generated by Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. This code must be entered correctly for transaction to proceed. Google Authenticator app is available for Apple iOS devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod), Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry devices.

How to Activate 2-factor: You can opt in for 2-factor authentication feature by logging in your CampBX account and visiting the "My Profile" page. Click Edit button at the bottom and enable 2-factor checkbox. This will generate a QR code with your secret token: you need to scan this QR code using Google Auth app on your smartphone. If the scan is successful, you will see a 6-digit token on your phone which keeps changing every 30 seconds. That's it - your setup is complete.

Legal Compliance

CampBX is a Bitcoin trading platform based in the United States. The foundation of our operations is an active and prominent compliance program, and we are committed to maintaining full compliance with State of Georgia - Department of Banking and Finance and Department of Treasury regulations.

Spirit of our program is to do the right thing, above and beyond the legal requirements. This is why we reserve the right to verify our users and transactions. Attempts to bypass account maximum limits or international money transfers will result in a refund of all funds and a ban for the violating account/s. We have hard-coded additional rules in our trading engine to thwart illegitimate usage of the platform.

Please help us strengthen our compliance program and immediately report any suspicious trading activity you notice on our platform to the helpdesk. We reserve the right to lock accounts suspected of fradulent or illegal activity as outlined in CampBX Terms of Use.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) Verification

Getting a verified account on CampBX trading platform provides four major benefits:

  • Raise your daily transfer limits
  • Raise maximum account size cap
  • Withdrawals / Deposits processed with a higher priority over unverified accounts

Our Know-Your-Customer process is based on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations approved in April 2008 and International Compliance Association (ICA) training standards. This includes scanning applicant against the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Sanctions list, and political exposure / adverse actions assessment.

If you are interested in obtaining a verified account, please refer to this link for further instructions.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell or share your information with any other commercial entity.


Current Promotions

Friends & Family Referral

Our referral program allows you to create a special incentive for your friends and family. Whenever someone signs up using your affiliate link, they get a 10% lifetime discount on CampBX commissions and you get a 10% share of their commissions.

To find out your affiliate link, please log in to your CampBX account and click on "My Profile" in upper right corner. There you can also see number of people who have signed up using your affiliate code.

Please note that the discounts are processed on 1st day of each calendar month, and will show up in your timeline as "Friends & Family Discount/Commission".

Please use restraint when sharing the link and do not spam people. Any complaints of spamming or violation of CampBX User Agreement will result in immediate disablement of your affiliate link.

Sample referral banner:

Discounts for High-Volume Trading

If you are trading high volumes, CampBX offers aggressive volume trading discounts. The best part is, usually you do not even have to ask for them. If you are among our top traders, our team will reach out to you and offer you retroactive volume discounts.

We will also be happy to work with you on developing custom API calls and affiliate programs to ensure that you can always trade at peak efficiency.


Bitcoin Trading and Transfers

Bitcoin Trading

When you register for a CampBX account, we automatically set up your dedicated trading account on our servers. You can read more about the security and management best practices employed by CampBX at: Security and Compliance.

When you place a Sell order for X number of bitcoins, system puts hold on that amount X in your CampBX bitcoin wallet. This amount will not be available for you to withdraw due to the hold. When you cancel a pending order, this hold is removed and bitcoins are available for your immediate use since they never left your wallet.

CBX Instant, Free Bitcoin Transfer

This feature has been disabled to comply with US State and Federal regulations.

Bitcoin Address

To obtain your current Bitcoin wallet deposit address, please login and go to Transfer -> Bitcoins page and click "Generate Deposit Address" button. This will provide a dedicated disposable address for your CampBX account and an expiry date associated with this address. Please pay attention to the expiry date, because your address will be wiped out after the given date (validity period is usually 1 week). Do not use this address after the expiry date, as your Bitcoin transfers will not be credited to your account. If you mistakenly make a deposit to an expired address, our system administrator has to expend several hours to track it down. We have to bill these hours out to customer if they wish to recover a lost deposit.

"Generate Address" button will generate the same address till a deposit is received at the said address. Once a deposit is received, clicking "Generate Address" again will produce a fresh address.

Bitcoin Deposits

We wait for 6 confirmations from the Bitcoin network for all incoming transfers: this usually takes 1 to 2 hours. In the meantime, you should be able to see your deposit reflected in "Pending Deposits" amount on main Account Summary page.


Money Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Account Limits

Daily Bitcoin transfer limits: Default Bitcoin withdrawal limit for unverified accounts is equivalent to $100 per day. This limit is in place to comply with FinCEN rules and regulations, as well as to protect customers in case their account is compromised.
Verified accounts can request a higher daily limit for Bitcoin withdrawals.

Daily money transfer limits: The maximum amount you can transfer from unverified accounts is capped at $100 per day. All withdrawals and deposits in a rolling 24-hour window count towards this limit.
Verified accounts can request a higher daily limit for money transfers.

Maximum Account Size: Default maximum account size limit for unverified accounts is USD 1,500; if you would like to raise this limit, please follow our KYC process as mandated under the USA Patriot Act of 2001.

Money Deposit Methods

CampBX is in the process of winding down, and we are not acccepting any deposits effective Q4 2017.

Money Withdrawal Methods

CampBX is in the process of winding down, and we are not processing any withdrawals besides wind-down effective Q4 2017.

European Transfers

CampBX is in the process of winding down, so there are currently no plans of supporting EU.


Trading on CampBX

Trade Commissions

Our trade commissions are:
Quick Sell / Buy: 0.55% (Volume discounts available)
Advanced Orders: 0.55% (Volume discounts available)
Margin Trades: 2% upfront fee, no interest charge for 31 days.

There are NO fees for depositing / withdrawing Bitcoins from CampBX; However, small or frequent Bitcoin transfers may trigger a transfer fee automatically assessed by the Bitcoin network to prevent DDoS attacks.
USD deposit / withdraw do not incur any fees from CampBX except what we have to pay to the transmitters.

Quick Trades

CampBX provides Quick Trades for casual Bitcoin users. You simply enter the quantity and the desired price for buying or selling Bitcoins, and execute the trade. All prices that you enter are "Limit" prices, where we will find a matching trade at given price or better.

If a match is not found instantly, Quick trades will stay open on our order book for a maximum of 31 days.

Spend-X Trade

Spend-X Algorithm allows to you spend a desired amount of money by automatically calculating Bitcoin quantity. These calculations are based on current orderbook prices, and commissions are factored in automatically.

To use Spend-X trade, enter the total amount you want to spend in "Total Amount" field. After this point you have two options:

First option is to leave the "Price" field blank, and let Spend-X algorithm purchase Bitcoins at Market price. Or,
Second option is to enter desired limit price per Bitcoin in the "Price" field. Spend-X will calculate quantity after commissions.

That's it! Execute away.

Advanced Trading

Advanced Trades implement trading functionality described in the following SEC Investor Bulletin as closely as possible:
SEC Investor Bulletin: Trading Basics PDF
Please keep in mind that due to fundamental differences between Bitcoin technology and Stock Markets, all functionality may not be exactly same as you have come to expect with your stock-broker. Please use caution and start with some smaller trades or use CampBX Testnet for practice.

Margin Trading

Please Note: Margin trading will be enabled on livenet when platform liquidity crosses a preset threshold. This feature is available on CampBX testnet if you would like to try it out in the meantime.

Margin trading amplifies your losses as well as your gains. Bitcoin markets are known to be extremely volatile, so please use caution when trading on margin.

Minimum account balance required to use Margin Trading feature is $500. This limit is in place to discourage casual traders from participating in a high- volatility market.

Never risk your savings on Margin Trading, and keep a comfortable margin of error in developing your entry / exit strategies.

Unlike stock markets, you do not pay any interest on your margin at CampBX. Instead, all Margin Trades are assessed a flat-rate 2% commission upon execution (not order placement).

Dark Pools

Dark Pools or Dark Liquidity are orders that deliberately do not advertise their liquidity. In other words, the order exists but you cannot see it in the Depth Table till your order "trips" on a Dark Pool.

The main advantage of Dark Pools is that it allows big players to move large quantities without tipping their hand to the market.

CampBX is the only Bitcoin platform to provide a Fill-Or-Kill (FOK) option, which is a valuable tool for probing and discovering Dark Pool liquidity.

Short Selling

Please Note: Short Selling will be enabled on livenet when platform liquidity crosses a preset threshold. This feature is available on CampBX testnet if you would like to try it out in the meantime.

We do not allow naked shorts; the user is required to put 52% of the Bitcoins towards the trade. The trade maximum size is also capped depending on liquidity in the market.

We do not borrow any coins from user accounts, and only the user can move the coins out of his/her wallet. There is a dedicated "house account" funded internally for the lending-pool. This account is risk-managed based on liquidity available in the market to limit our risk exposure.

Due to these safety-checks in place, short selling may not be available at all times.

When you choose to cover a short, the trade is executed at Market price. So monitor your open positions at all times, and choose your timing carefully!

Margin Calls and How to Avoid Them

For certain high-volatility stocks, Stock-Brokers have the right to liquidate a position instead of issuing a Margin Call. Bitcoin prices have been very volatile recently, so CampBX is forced to mimic the same behavior and liquidate positions at 25% drop. We also liquidate Margin Positions at the end of a 31 day period to preserve capital in the lending account.

In future when Bitcoin trade volumes go up and prices stabilize, we are eager to modify this algorithm and offer a Margin Call to our longstanding customers.

This article on FINRA provides a good introduction to high-volatility Margin Calls, and how to avoid them: FINRA: Understanding Margin Accounts

The bottom line of the article is that margin accounts require work on behalf of the customer, including several price checks per day.


iPad, iPhone, Android Apps for CampBX

Android Widget

Bitcoin Widget is a 1x1 widget for displaying the current value of a Bitcoin in US dollars, and can be configured to display live quotes from CampBX.

You can download this widget from the Android Market here:
Get Bitcoin Widget for Android

iPad and iPhone

An app for iPhone and iPad for CampBX is in development. Please stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook news feed for the announcement.


API for Bots and Automated Trading

API Specifications

CampBX provides a comprehensive API if you are interested in writing bots and automated trading programs. Please refer to the API documentation for additional details.

CampBX Trading API Documentation


Other Questions

Enhancement Requests

If you have any enhancement requests for the platform, please contact our helpdesk and share your idea! We are proactively looking for ideas that can make our core offering better suited to your requirements.